Voor studenten

Online research tools

  • Explore normal distribution Use this tool to interactively explore the standard normal (z) distribution.
  • Online power calculator Calculate the sample size needed to detect a difference in means of given size.
  • Online t-test: If you are comparing participants from two different samples use the unpaired t-test; if you measure the same sample at different times then use the paired t-test. Check if p < .05.
  • Online ANOVA Use this technique if you have more than 2 samples. The test will tell you if the means of one sample is statistically different from any of the other sample means. Limited to one-way ANOVA and no post-hoc tests.
  • Calculate inter-rater reliability: % agreement, Cohen’s kappa and Krippendorff’s alpha. Requires that you upload a .csv file.
  • Calculate chi-squared online: Enter the cell frequencies from your data set. This tool calculates the expected cell frequencies (by chance) and chi-square. Check if p < .05 for the chi-square result.
Advies voor het voorbereiden van een onderzoeksvoorstel – Massey College

Reference materials

  • Criteria for a good article from a communication perspective. A document made by several cohorts van M. Ed. students. A checklist that you can use as a guide when critically reading a research article.
  • World Conferences on Research Integrity. This website has important statements generated by these conferences on various aspects of research and the communication of research, that provide guidance for researching ethically and for enhancing the public’s trust in the research enterprise.
  • Journal of the Learning Sciences. This website has a series of videos about the peer review process at this journal. Good to know if you are new to publishing your research.